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I like the light spots in the close-up picture. They reveal the shape of the sphere that lies beneath the seeds.

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Taken by Cheryl Rosenfelder


Jack "Rosie" Rosenfelder

Lisa, Cheryl, and Mom (Marge)
(This is the original photo.)

I debated whether or not to post these pictures. Think what you will. I can't explain or deny it.
My father passed away July 18, 2008. He and my mom spent the past 30 plus summers at Ottertail Lake in Minnesota. In October of 2008, two of my sisters, Lisa and Cheryl, and my mom went back to the lake to spend some time together and visit with all of my parent's friends there. The last night before departing, Cheryl decided to set up the camera and take a "group" shot. It seems the group increased by one. Notice the figure on the left near Lisa's shoulder. Maybe someone has an explanation, but for those of us who knew and loved my dad, there is something familiar about the shape of the hat and the big smile.

Rules The Roost

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A landmark sign in my hometown, Cheryl snapped this shortly before it was removed.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1951 Germany

My dad, Jack Rosenfelder, was stationed in Germany in 1951. These are some of the images he captured during his tour of duty.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Guest Artist

Introducing my sister, Cheryl, an artist and a wonderful photographer.
These are two of her images taken at her cabin in northern Minnesota.

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Having fun trying different applications in Adobe Elements 6.0

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Lori's Pink Poppies

From my friend Lori's beautiful garden

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Moon Rise

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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